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The Life Sync Program:

Matching Who You Are with How You Live

An Eight Week Intensive

How it Works:

You and I meet via Skype once a week (for eight weeks) for a 45 minute coaching session. At the end of each session I will leave you with take-home activities to work on throughout the coming week.

But before you officially sign up, we start with a 30 minute complimentary discovery session. We’ll have a casual discussion about the coaching process—you may ask questions, and I’ll give you answers. We’ll also use this time to chat about where you (the client) are in your life at the moment, and where you’re hoping to be headed.

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After the discovery session, if we’re both psyched and want to work together, we will cover the following eight topics within an eight week period (some scheduling flexibility may be possible):

Week 1—Step One

Now and Then

  • Acknowledging—without judgment—where you are at this moment
  • Taking a look back at your youth and childhood to uncover forgotten passions

Week 2—Step Two

Happiness is Not a Hobby

  • Getting to the core of what makes you truly happy—and why
  • Learning how to tap into this happiness in creative ways

Week 3—Step Three

What Matters Most

  • Uncovering your core values, and getting your priorities straight
  • Figuring out how to live in sync with these values

Week 4—Step Four

You Rock at This!

  • Discovering your uniques strengths and talents
  • Learning how to use thee strengths to your advantage

Week 5—Step Five

The Big Crazy Dream

  • Finding creative ways to combine your strengths, values, and passions
  • Formulating your ideal lifestyle, and figuring out how to bring it to life

Week 6—Step Six

Work It!

  • Assessing all the skills you already have that will aid you in building your Big Crazy Dream
  • Establishing which skills you should develop further (or acquire)

Week 7—Step Seven

Emergency Lights

  • Planning for potential setbacks and obstacles
  • Developing strategies to stay motivated—even when times get tough

Week 8—Step Eight

Here We Go!

  • Setting goals and formulating concrete schedules
  • finding the courage and confidence to not only get started, but also sustain your momentum

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This is an intensive program. An introspective journey like this one can take time, and everyone works at their own pace.

You may find that you’d like to revisit one (or several) of the steps, or work through some of the emotions that came up for you along the way, or receive more guidance as you move ahead with your new plans.

We can do that!

You can purchase additional sessions to work through any topic(s) of your choosing. Take as much time as you need!

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