Lesson No. 41: Mirrors Only Have So Many Answers

Silly selfies! Everybody’s doing them. It’s quite the trend. A real sign of the times—the vapid and self-obsessed times, that is.

Or so the argument goes.

But selfies are far from new. And narcissism has been around for a while too.

So has this conversation🙄

Anyone else bored of discussing anything to do with selfies? Just me?

It’s no big mystery. We are self-aware creatures. Unlike some animals, when we look in the mirror we know we are seeing ourselves.

And thanks to our highly evolved, super complex, very intelligent (though alarmingly far from perfect!) human brains, this gets us thinking:

Do I look like other people? Better? Worse? Is this how others see me? What do they think of me? Am I beautiful? Is it important to be beautiful? If I’m beautiful, will others love me? If I think I’m beautiful, does that mean I love myself? What does it mean to love myself? How does that really work? Who am I actually? Does they way I look match who I believe I am? Does it match who others believe I am? Do others believe I am who I believe I am?

Only one way to find out.

Let’s put it on Instagram and see how many likes I get.

Surely that’ll prove how beautiful and loved I am! Or, perhaps more importantly, that I am indeed seen. Won’t it?

Lesson No. 41: Mirrors Only Have So Many Answers.

So we look outward—to other people for validation. But their feedback only turns us inward again. Do we like their opinions? Do we agree with their opinions? How does this change the way we see ourselves now?

And so the cycle continues. Self-awareness leads to self-exploration. (Which leads to selfies.) This is deeply human. And I don’t suspect it’ll ever change. So I think we’d all best get used to looking at selfies😉

with truth and elegance,

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