Lesson No. 39: Be Grateful for Mondays

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians! I hope you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a restful day off. If you are, it’s certainly something to be grateful for! Otherwise, it’s just Monday. And I’ve noticed that Mondays tend to get people down.

So I’ve got a question for you who loath the sound of the Monday morning alarm: Why do you dread Mondays, my darling?

You must not be happy with how you spend your weekdays. Perhaps you don’t like your job. Maybe you don’t get along with your coworkers. Possibly, you’re bored—stuck in the old mundane and repetitive rut. Or you might be tired—your life is hard work and you’re struggling to keep up.

I get it. These are all very real things.

I don’t deny that I feel at least some of these things at least some of the time. I do. But they don’t make me dread Mondays. Sometimes they are they very things that make me excited to get back to the grind.

Because I am driven to improve!

Improve my life, my work, my relationships, my self. I’m never satisfied. I’m always grateful—always! But I always want to do better as well. I want to keep growing and learning and making my life (and the lives around me) even more amazing.

And it’s this innate drive I have within me that I am probably most grateful for. It’s allowed me to see endless possibilities. Problems don’t scare me because I’m a solution-hunter. And wonderful points in my life don’t make me stagnant because I’m always aware of where there is room for improvement.

Lesson No. 39: Be Grateful for Mondays. They are what keep us moving, growing, getting better all the time. A weekly built-in challenge to outdo ourselves.

At least that’s the way I look at it.

Life is all a matter of perspective. I hope you find one that works for you, babe, so that on Sunday nights you can fall peacefully asleep thinking to yourself: bring it on, Monday!

with truth and elegance,

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