Lesson No. 37: True Beauty is the Colour Grey

Tom Waits once said, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” And I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment!

Because it just can’t be truly beautiful unless it’s at least touched by a hint of ugliness.

Just a whisper of pain or struggle or imperfection.

Anything that is pure beauty is too easy—it’s not real.

Things that appear perfect are not beautiful at all. They are superficial. Incomplete. They have no true meaning.

The hard things, the complicated things, the hurtful things—these are the beautiful things. They have deep value.

Because they hold profound potential. Potential for insight and for growth. Those who have struggled have often found answers. Answers that people who have not struggled will never know anything about.

The terrible things are what foster real beauty.

Life is comprised of dualities. Good and bad. Light and darkness. Beauty and ugliness. And none of these things are truly black and white. They exist on a scale of grey.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful grey.

Lesson No. 37: True Beauty is the Colour Grey.

Where the awful meets the wonderful we find beauty.

And it’s called honesty.

with truth and elegance,

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